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I'm liking remy, lena and concept amelia and sashas designs the most.


Is this one web based?

Yes! We're planning on having any public builds be html5, but we may be having downloadable versions too. - Hallows

 cool thanks. I usually prefer playing on my tablet. Which it doesn't like web  based games. 


I'm almost embarrassed by how excited I am for this release.  Sanguine Rose is one of the three best Adult games I've ever played and after playing it you could sell me an expanded version of the exact same material and I'd be screaming shut up and take my money before you finished the sentence.  I hope more like that comes from you at some point, but this here looks entertaining in promise!

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Awww, thank you! We're very excited to get a proper demo out soon so you can meet all the characters properly. Very different to Sanguine Rose, but we hope it'll be a lot of fun too :D - Hallows


will we be able to play as a girl?

Not in the first few builds, but it is a planned feature, yes! We want to make as many aspects of the player customisable as possible, but while we're getting the base game running we're using a male MC.

I look forward to it!

So it's just that first cutscene for now?

Also, Unity is slow.  RenPy is faster, if that can work for you.  Haxe is cool too.

For now, yes, this is just a UI test and a character introduction. We're currently working on a larger demo. We're using Unity since it has better browser integration and there's gameplay elements we're implementing which wouldn't be possible in RenPy. Enabling hardware acceleration in your browser settings might help, but the game will also be downloadable.

Cool.  It's a shame a game this small (for now) runs so poorly, but I didn't know the scope of the project.  Apparently Haxe has HTML5 support, among other platforms.  Have you considered it?

No links to Patreon

Good spot! We've added a link now, or you can click here :)


looking forward to this one. Remy comes across as very like Tiny Tina. lol

Who doesn't love explosions? :D


the victims :P