Joystick Bliss Demo


  • Press Spacebar to advance the text, or leave it to automatically progress at its own pace.
  • Hover over left side sprite to expand, hover over right side sprite to see through.
  • Click on response boxes. Hover over response boxes rapidly to hear clicky clacky sounds.

Hi, we're Dusky Hallows, you might remember us from Sanguine Rose. This is a very early concept demo for our next project: Joystick Bliss. 

What you see here is a work in progress, but the screenshots to the right are from our newer more developed build. We're working on bringing you a full demo as soon as possible. Soon you'll be able to customise a character to explore the town of Burgville, fight in the ongoing faction war, play an arcade minigame, and befriend or seduce the people you meet!

Keep an eye out here or on our Patreon for more updates.

"Getting it Done" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


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is this still being worked on? honestly seems really good and exciting 


Only just saw this. Yes, we are still working on the game. The best place to see updates is our twitter: - Hallows

idk if im dumb or something but i cant seem to be able to do anything after the begining all that happens is that i see a button that says"replay"

me too

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Oh this is giving a bit of +18 Bratz meets Scott Pilgrim vibes. I love the aesthetics!


Hahaha that's so bizarrely accurate to my inspirations, thank you! -duski


Looks very promising. :) Also looks abandoned. :(


Thanks! It’s not abandoned at all, just in the process of being made! :-)


god this looks BEAUTIFUL <3 (and inclusive as all hell!!)

can't wait til it's on android (or at least low spec windows haha)


so whats up?




what do i do after the first seen im stuck in the house

this still gonna be a thing they said it would have a demo by april last year

i cant wait for more to play !


hope you guys are staying safe. looking forward to the release of the game ;P


Android port? plsssss


Really hope this gets released soon! I just stumbled across it and I am super excited for it.  Any update on time line?

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Looks great. Will defo be downloading (when a release is made) and keeping an eye on this. Hope you continue till full release :D

Remy is crazy, yes, and reminds me of some of my friends, but Scarlett?!  Reptile-brain me wants to know her story.


Hmm...very interesting. You have my interest.


question. is the first conversation all thats currently available

At the moment, yes. This is a short UI test we made to see if people liked the visual aesthetic and UI. A proper demo is on its way ;D - Hallows


I like where this is going


Totally excited, really loving the style and mood of it all!


Looks absolutely amazing so far. By the looks of it, it'll be on par with Sanguine Rose (maybe better, depending on the player)! Each girl has an unique design and I hope it's the same with their personalities. If it'll be the same people in charge of the writing, then I'm not worried about its quality, either. And is there any concept art for the main character yet? Would really like to see how it turned out!
So in conclusion, everything points to another fantastic game from you guys, and I wish you the best in the development process! as much as it'll pain me to wait all the months until the final version
Cheers, Dusky Hallows! May you continue to provide us great games forever! 


Thanks! I love getting comments like this :D We don't have any concept art for the main character just yet since our plan is to have something of a character creation system. Nothing too complex, but the general premise is that the main character is you (or at least, someone you get to design).  - Hallows


cant wait for the playable demo how much longer do you think ill have to wait?


Take this with a grain of salt because game development is tricky and neither of us wants to rush too much, but right now the goal is for a demo by the end of April :) - Hallows


But how do I advance past the intro?

Hi, I'm afraid this is just an early UI demo to gauge interest, so this one conversation is it. A playable demo will be coming fairly soon but we're not quite there yet. - Hallows


Loving the designs of the girls. Please don't make the boobs any bigger!


Flat is justice! - Hallows


Looking really good so far. Love the designs for the girls. Will it be possible to play as a female protagonist? Thank you!

Thanks! Female protagonist is something we definitely want to do, but it's hard to say when or if we'll be able to implement it. Character customisation is hella hard when all the art is hand drawn, but we want to do as much of it as we can. Ideally we'd like to be as inclusive as we can manage without having to remake too many assets. 

- Hallows


>hover over right side sprite to see through.

darn and here I thought you meant I could see through her clothing but it's just the background :p


I'm liking remy, lena and concept amelia and sashas designs the most.


Is this one web based?

Yes! We're planning on having any public builds be html5, but we may be having downloadable versions too. - Hallows

 cool thanks. I usually prefer playing on my tablet. Which it doesn't like web  based games. 


I'm almost embarrassed by how excited I am for this release.  Sanguine Rose is one of the three best Adult games I've ever played and after playing it you could sell me an expanded version of the exact same material and I'd be screaming shut up and take my money before you finished the sentence.  I hope more like that comes from you at some point, but this here looks entertaining in promise!

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Awww, thank you! We're very excited to get a proper demo out soon so you can meet all the characters properly. Very different to Sanguine Rose, but we hope it'll be a lot of fun too :D - Hallows


will we be able to play as a girl?


Not in the first few builds, but it is a planned feature, yes! We want to make as many aspects of the player customisable as possible, but while we're getting the base game running we're using a male MC.


I look forward to it!

So it's just that first cutscene for now?

Also, Unity is slow.  RenPy is faster, if that can work for you.  Haxe is cool too.

For now, yes, this is just a UI test and a character introduction. We're currently working on a larger demo. We're using Unity since it has better browser integration and there's gameplay elements we're implementing which wouldn't be possible in RenPy. Enabling hardware acceleration in your browser settings might help, but the game will also be downloadable.

Cool.  It's a shame a game this small (for now) runs so poorly, but I didn't know the scope of the project.  Apparently Haxe has HTML5 support, among other platforms.  Have you considered it?

No links to Patreon

Good spot! We've added a link now, or you can click here :)


looking forward to this one. Remy comes across as very like Tiny Tina. lol

Who doesn't love explosions? :D


the victims :P