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Just curious, how much femdom is in this? like, any? more than a single scene?


oh my god this game is so good. I especially love glasha. All of that loyalty! I wish I could romance her. But I'll take her buddy for life. 


I see that you have released 3.4 on your Patreon page. Are you going to sell the later versions of the game here?? 

Yes! The versions available to our patrons right now contain epilogues which aren't part of the main game, which is free and will remain free. We intend to sell the extended version here and on Steam within the next few months.


Thanks for your quick reply. I will be looking forward to it.


Will that extended version you're going to be selling include the Sanguine Rose 3.6.0 Officers ($10+ Patron) Download?

Yes, as well as any other epilogues or scene changes we make in the meantime, and an art pack (although we may sell this separately) which contains full quality versions of the game's artwork. We'll also be offering free versions to some of our supporters and discounts to others (depending on lifetime pledges/donations).


Damn, this was a good time! Really well done short visual novel. The writing and beautiful artstyle was on point! And multiple choices and routes, just the way I like my visual novels. I rarely get this invested in a Patreon game. Definitely gonna keep a eye on other games you guys make! Only one complaint tho: no sex scene between Glasha and Roman? If not then thats a real shame cuz I was really expecting to see some romance between then. Still, loved every second of this!


This looks like an interesting game. Too bad for me with the lack of m/m content but glad to hear you are considering it for the next game. Looking forward to it.


I haven't started this game, to be honest, I was looking for Twine/D&D-esque games, and I've been on kind of a roll finding them here on here's to another download and may all your days in development be filled with creative inclination. Toodles~!

Thanks! We're tabletop fans so hopefully that means you'll enjoy the game :D - Hallows

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is there Male|Male content? 

There is not.


You know, I really like the ending with everyone together. I really like the style, and the characters are really interesting. Thanks for the good story.


The game is an absolute awesome game to play. Love the art style, and the story pacing!
I want so much more continuation to this! More story! (Yes the sexual smut part is good too)


Awesome stuff, guys!  Love the artwork!

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The art of this game is rather unique, I like the dialog and the characters are very sexy. I did a short gameplay vid here:


I'm curious to see where the story goes. Keep it up.


10/10 art, Glasha was my favourite part 

Glasha approves! 


The art is outstanding. I wish there were some gay options though :D  Like, that nauthy Carmen could convince MC to do something with Marcus.

Thanks! We decided against gay options in Sanguine Rose but in our next project it's something we'd like to include :D - Hallows


just to clarify. You didn't "decided against gay options" there's plenty of female x female. So you "decided" against male x male. Lesbian is gay too. 

And as for myself, I "decided" to go against this game since the developers have no idea what GAY means. thanks.

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Hi, Duski here, the artist and co-developer. In the adult industry and in the context of art926's comment, gay refers to m/m content. I know what gay is, I'm a pan woman, that's a big part of why there's f/f content in Sanguine Rose and why we'd like to do m/m content in our next game. We had our reasons for not including m/m content in our first project, and we're happy to discuss them.


Heh... one of the reasons why you should never pander. If you find lesbians sexy, and arent passionate about M/M dont bend the knee for people who will become offended and drop you like a hat for something petty.


You are seriously idiotic to decide against a game because they didn't use a word to your liking. 

"Developer does not know what gay means."

To a developer making a smut / erotic game? Mate, that's a hole in your logic there...

your loss i guess, rip.


Wolves do no concern themselves with the opinions of gay retards

They say a suckers born every minute....I wonder if the same thing could be said for a fool.