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Sanguine Rose is one of my favorite VNs thus far and I played it until I got through everything in the main game. I didn't see that these were in the menu until seeing this here, just now, and I am so happy to have more to read with these characters! Squee!


pregnancy in the game

Do i need to buy this too if I have the game on steam?

The version on Steam and the version here are identical. If you own the game on Steam you do not need to buy the game here also.

Does it include a Steam key?


Thank you for this masterpiece, it's not a large game, but it's full of content. I especially liked the unique artstyle.

I wish there was some kind of continuation, but anyway, good luck in the future.


Can LGBT elements be added? Add male lover role?


We're currently not planning on adding more content to Sanguine Rose, but we'll be including M/M content in our future games. - Hallows

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Played the demo of this a while ago and it pushes all the correct buttons. Writing is great, art direction is top knotch. Orc girls are generally underappreciated and its great to see them used well here.

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Hi there, I'm having some technical issues and I see on the support page that itch doesn't support individual games. I'm on a Debian derivative of Linux and I had no problem extracting and playing the demo (using the shell script), but the .rar package I downloaded after purchase appears to be corrupted. I've tried downloading on different days, with different browsers, and tried three different archive managers to extract it (File roller, unrar, and Ark) and they all either say it isn't a .rar file, or throw an error. The only other thing I can think of is that the package is somehow corrupt on the server. Could you please check to see if the package has an issue and then advise me what I should do to download the game?

Thank you!

Hey! If I had to guess, the problem is that the demo version is uploaded as a .zip, while the full game is uploaded as .rar. I'm not sure why the .rar isn't extracting properly, but I reckon if we switch back to .zip then everything should work. It may have to wait a day or two as our hands are full releasing an update to the game, but that might be for the best as this way you can play the version with additional scenes. I'll make sure the update is packaged as a .zip when it goes up and hopefully that will solve the problem. - Hallows


Thank you! It looks to be running fine now. I’m curious about the new content.


Game is wayyy to short for $18, literally takes like an hour to complete. Bit of a rip off.


I've just finished my first run-though, and that was well done.  It had a good tense and releas cycle.  I don't want to spoil anything, but I got a less-than desired ending, so I'm going to try again.

I did and it took me a couple of tries to get an ending that I was satisfied with.  Then I just went to unlock all the art and scenes I could.  There are three hidden scenes that I haven't found yet.

Your characters are great.  Man, Carmen reminds me of Vorbis from Small Gods, only friendlier.  The story works and seeing how it plays out with different choices is fascinating.  This is a good work of art.

Still one ending I haven't unlocked yet.  This is challenging.  :)

Played the demo, loved it. Baught the game and cant get it to download, it only downloads a RAW file? don't know what ime doing wrong


Hey! Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Could you tell me which version of the game you downloaded (PC/Mac/Android)? None of the builds are RAW, but the PC build is a .Rar and needs to be extracted before it will run. - Hallows

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pc, it is a rar file sorry i was mistaken but its not allowing me to extract it do i need a certain program?


Yes, Rar isn't supported on Windows by default, but there's lots of free options which will allow you to extract. WinRar is probably the most popular, but there's a few others listed here: I hope this helps :) - Hallows


Sanguine Rose is not just an erotic game (well, maybe more that just erotic ... It is -very- explicit), which it does well with beautiful art and intense writing.

But is also a clever game, where every playthrough you get a bit more information to get the full scale of the story. That's done in an interresting way : the characters personality changes depending on your decisions, but their background remain the same. Except that you only gets small bits of it each playthrough. In the end, it builds a consistant world, with slightly shifting characters.

Very interresting (and hot) experience, to satisfy your lust and your mind.

Hello? I'm not seeing a button to buy the Android version when I did before. What's going on?

Hey! The Android demo is still up but we haven't released the paid version of Sanguine Rose on Itch yet. It'll be coming in June, including the Android version. - Hallows

Completed the game many times but i still missed out Day 1 last scene and the 5th ending and 2 of the artworks. Can anyone care to help ?

Are there any plans to sell the full version on ?


Yes! We're focusing our efforts on Steam at the moment, but we'll be selling the Steam version here on Itch too in about a month's time.

Thanks for the response. Count me in for a purchase when it's ready.

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Great art, much better than the english original stuff posted on mangagamer.  Might be worth trying to get the game on that site for better coverage.  Looking forward to being able to buy it somewhere not steam.


What gender is the main character? Can you play as a girl?


Hi! The main character is Roman, a man. There's a few scenes which can be played from a woman's PoV, but most of the game is from Roman's perspective. In our next project it'll be possible to play as a man or a woman. - Hallows


Looking forward to your next game then :) 


I never though it would be possible to finish a game and think that it was just perfect. But truth is, this one was.


Its pretty late, i just finished at 3:48Am. This has to be the GREATEST VN ive ever played. The good ending (or what i assume is, and hopefully it is) was a fantastic finish and the bad one gave me a passion for Roman. My props to you my good props to you.


Ok I just made an account to leave this comment! I really really love the story and writing. Its surprisingly well written! The character depths and development is just amazing! Really love how well written General Valentine is! Like wow I wasn't expecting such a good story  with great endings coupled with some great art! 
Thanks a lot for making this Story and Visuals. Its just mind blowing. I hope you can make another part to the Sanguine Rose saga? Maybe same world, slightly different characters. Keep Carmen! This could become a great anthological game! I would love to read such gripping stories with great visuals! More of Carmen's smartness! Like she can be the new Sherlock level smart with more of her episodes! (wishful thinking :) )

The sex scenes don't seem forced. I like the fact that this could be a great story even without the smut. And all the sex doesn't feel out of place. 

OverAll great scenes, great writing! Please make another such story continuing the Carmen character!! 
And I would love to play other such games from you aswell. I cant stress enough about how gripping the story is and how smartly written Carmen is! just love it! Blows my mind!  Reminds me of Bible Black! I had to finish the game in one seating!


I want to express my thanks, and my love for this game. I've only played one of your earlier free builds, from a year or two back, and I was super impressed with the writing, and how drop dead seductive Carmen was. Woooooweeee, she could get my panty soaked, if I was even wearing any at all. It's very impressive how well she is written, when it seemed like most other VN for guys are much more... power trip focused? So female characters in those tends to be damsels in player induced distresses. Nice stuff, love this woman, and the supporting cast.

The VN is so memorable that I'm back here from sheer curiosity alone, and I am super pleased to find the game finished. I can't wait for the next one guys, I'll be back again in a year or two. See yahs.


Finally an adult visual novel that is not annoying you with endless and meaningless blabbering without any real possibility of interference.

Your actions actually have some effect in the long run that you can not simply foresee. Plus it is an adult story containing porn without

centering around it. This story could easily exist without any sex related content but is using it as a mere tool to transport character attitudes.

This way the game is being a play or better even, a fight for power and control, which manages to trigger arousal if you are ready for it.

I played it three times with completely different endings ranging from a happy ending to a mere disaster.

Nonetheless I really enjoyed playing this piece of artwork. Thanks.


I am not a reviewer so I wont go into much depth when it comes to the game, I'd much rather sum it up in one phrase:

I love it. 

It has a great variety of routes, fantastic artstyle and its overall very entretaining. I lalso like the amount of desicion making, its not too much to make you feel like you have to make a desicion every half a second but its also not too little, making you really have a choice on the outcome

9.5/10  so far because I havent found a way to have an outcome I actually like with Glasha


Terry takes a look at the sexy Senguine Rose!

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Is there a way to save the galleries to SD card? Gonna want to free space soon but don't want to lose the gray art/visual story. Would really love the artwork as a screensaver storyboard like format. Telling a story with pics. Also I noticed a few scenes didn't unlock when the rest of that series. Like the last image in the tie Crow up says to "tie crow up to unlock" but all the others that said the same are unlocked.

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I don't think that feature exists within Ren'py (the engine we used) without making all the images fully accessible, which we were a little apprehensive about doing in case they got shared around. Maybe in an artpack with watermarks though, it's something me and Duski need to discuss. That said, I can help you with tying up Crow. Towards the end of the scene, you can enter as Roman, or you can leave Crow and Carmen alone. You get different art at the end depending on which you choose. I think you haven't tried leaving them alone ;) - Hallows


thanks I'll try that. Just seemed weird that one 1 scene that didn't unlock labeled as "tieing up crow" I'll try to see if I have a load near there. Thanks again.

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This is a very interestingly done vn. I enjoyed the story progression, branching arc and possibilities, changing character relationships and impressively well maintained abundance of art greatly. Very well done. I began the game and unlocked all of the gallery scenes in one 4 or so hour sitting. 

All art pieces were worth it as they were all high caliber and I didn't notice you slack or drop in quality in any of the pieces despite just how many there were. I have gone through previous Vns that have varying levels of consistency from passable to lacking entirely that I have written off as just being a passable byproduct of exhaustion or understandable laziness given that a certain number of art pieces were included, but this VN has gone above and beyond the number of CGs I have seen in just about any free VN I have ever played and yet every single one you have produced looks as though it was the first one drawn. Even when moving from scene to similar scene, you didn't abuse the fact that you could simply redraw a section of one picture in order to fit the next situation. Instead, you drew a completely new picture, giving the player a another treat just by simply progressing the dialogue. The inspiration and effort is palpable in every single one and I can easily say that at least in terms of visuals and artistic quality and consistency, this is one of the most high caliber western VN experiences you can get online and all of it is for free. Absolutely wonderful. 

I actually found myself kind of shocked a few times throughout the story, and I don't easily get pulled for surprise twists. Perhaps it was just because I really wasn't expecting to be blown away by another free product that I found on, but you far exceeded my expectations. The storyline and the seemingly endless possibilities (despite being tied in general to three main choices of conclusion) are satisfying and I found myself impressed multiple times with how I could manipulate the future with just how many choices you grant us. I have always wanted and favored VNs that focus decently on giving the reader a rather considerable choice in how the story plays out and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that you have produced at least in the top 5 of VNs (and top two that are free) in terms of surprising me with how much free reign, choice and real (not faux or simulated) control or choice unlike countless VNs have done before. I'm not blaming them whatsoever as making a VN with a considerable amount of story while giving the player that much choice can be a huge pain, but you have made something pretty special. In fact, I don't think I've played a free VN before that has granted the player this much unique dialogue for every minor or major choice that they make throughout. There were quite a few times when you could have just copy and pasted the same dialogue from the main choice into any of the other branching dialogues or interactions and had it make perfect sense, but you went out of your way to instead create a totally unique experience, often time even incorporating brand new CGs (yes, plural) into the resulting scenes just to make it feel like you going back and trying all different options was actually worth it, and just about every single time, they were. 

Having read through this and many, many others, I can say it is leagues better than most paid VNs I have run through and among the top 3 that come to mind when I think of those I didn't. Bravo!

Of course all of this pales in comparison to the fact that I simply require more Glasha. Honestly she is my favorite character in the game (from a favorable standpoint, Carmen is obviously a great villain) and she is the one ray of light that I was the most attracted to throughout the course of the game. Hell I think I even had a dream about her last night. I didn't ask for this burden. :(  So please. Glasha. How does this become a thing? When do I get to Roman myself into those breeches?


Please make Glasha mateable. 



This is one of my favourite comments we've ever received, thank you! It's so incredibly nice to have all the little details appreciated, especially the stuff that often goes unnoticed. Glasha is the most fun I've ever had writing, and I'll admit, some small part of me does just want to make Glasha Quest. Duski and I have actually discussed it before! I think if we do go back and build on Glasha's story though, she probably won't be bedding Roman (since we never really saw them as a couple, which was a poor choice in hindsight since everyone else did) but lord knows we've got to have her banging someone. Hopefully one of the characters in Joystick Bliss (our next project) will scratch the itch for you, but if not then maybe Glasha Quest will have to be a thing :D - Hallows

Great to hear! It's a fun and involving vn so I'm happy to talk about it. I personally would prefer to see something go down between Glasha and Roman as I think that would be the most interesting take in seeing how they dance around and interact with each other in that aituation as opposed to Glash and someone else more easily bedded or openly fuckable. Just that I would like to see how Glasha and Roman fool around. I wouldn't want to see them become a sappy couple by any stretch, but I would love to see them explore certain other bounds of friendship that I think would be up for grabs with friends with experiences and morals like they have. I understand that you have a schedule and ambitions so I'm not wailing and waving my "GLASHA" flag but I think it would be very entertaining, at the least lol. I mean at the very least, Glasha has seen and thinks his dick is glorious lmao. Seeing those two throw down and then kick someone's ass would be cool. About that Ui demo, the girl seems cute and I'd be interested in seeing more of that soon. It all seems fun. Great to hear from you.


Good day! I apologize for the typos because I am not a native English speaker, but I really like your game. It's nice to come in after work and kill a few hours playing your game, but there's something I'd like to ask you. Could you please do the walkthrough? Where all the endings and art in the gallery would be described. Walkthrough on your site, as I understand it, a little outdated. Thanks in advance!


Please at least tell me how to open all the variations of the scenes in the abandon mission, I'm stuck

Hey! Sorry for the delayed response, I've just finished writing a walkthrough which should help:


absolutely great. Loved the lewd parts and the art. Glasha and Crow make most Orcs look so hot(Well aside from mine and my Wife's Half-Orc D&D charcters.. And tha female Orc in the Warcraft movie) as fun as Glasha was have to save Crow I'd probably kill for her. She has many layers to her. Innocence, lewdness, vulnerability, and wanting to find love she never had from "dad." Even everything she did with Carmen/Roman/Herself she was so devoted/loved RomanWholsome Ending) Great story. While I didn't get all the endings(some weren't my cup of tea). As said all the aspects were great. I'll be donating whem I get a chance. If your future content is anything like this

Are there known issues running this in Linux? I can't seem to get it to work properly - the interface lags and UI seems... off.

We've not heard of any issues on Linux before, could you post or send us a screenshot? - Hallows


This is on a completely different level than the rest of this amateur hour horseshit. It's like finding a Rembrant in a gallery of paint-by-numbers filled in with crayon.

I spent about 10 hours on this. It's great writing. The endings aren't that satisfying though, considering that she could make you end very ugly, you just can't outmaneuver her in any way.

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Loving the game but can’t figure out how to get “send crow to tavern” and “poison Carmen” scenes at all. Any tips?

Glad you're enjoying it :D Sending Crow to the tavern is an optional scene where you send Crow to whore herself out. You can unlock it by choosing to get supplies from town at the start of the game, not swapping your shift with Glasha, and then listening to Carmen's offer. At some point, Carmen will ask what you want to do with Crow. Say you're happy to let her play the whore. At the end of the day, Crow will leave for the tavern and you can switch PoV to watch her.

To Poison Carmen you want to not get supplies from town at the start of the game. Lay low, and at the end of the day make sure you feed Carmen on her knees. The next day when Glasha wakes you up, express doubts about the mission. Listen to Carmen's offer, and at the end of the day Roman will pocket something called Red Velum. At the beginning of the third day, choose to finish the mission no matter what.


Thanks so much, really looking foward to whatever your next project is. The character designs are really fantastic and legitimately enjoyed the story. 


Just curious, how much femdom is in this? like, any? more than a single scene?


oh my god this game is so good. I especially love glasha. All of that loyalty! I wish I could romance her. But I'll take her buddy for life. 


I see that you have released 3.4 on your Patreon page. Are you going to sell the later versions of the game here?? 

Yes! The versions available to our patrons right now contain epilogues which aren't part of the main game, which is free and will remain free. We intend to sell the extended version here and on Steam within the next few months.


Thanks for your quick reply. I will be looking forward to it.


Will that extended version you're going to be selling include the Sanguine Rose 3.6.0 Officers ($10+ Patron) Download?

Yes, as well as any other epilogues or scene changes we make in the meantime, and an art pack (although we may sell this separately) which contains full quality versions of the game's artwork. We'll also be offering free versions to some of our supporters and discounts to others (depending on lifetime pledges/donations).

The new epilogues or rather stuff not in the free version. Is it a branch-off of the endings or just additional paths that need more playthroughs?


Damn, this was a good time! Really well done short visual novel. The writing and beautiful artstyle was on point! And multiple choices and routes, just the way I like my visual novels. I rarely get this invested in a Patreon game. Definitely gonna keep a eye on other games you guys make! Only one complaint tho: no sex scene between Glasha and Roman? If not then thats a real shame cuz I was really expecting to see some romance between then. Still, loved every second of this!

Yeah considering they have had sex or she's watched him. As she tells Marcus when he asks about compariaons. "He's a Magnificent Beast" or somesuch lol. Kind of expected 'something even if she just watched Crow and Roman


This looks like an interesting game. Too bad for me with the lack of m/m content but glad to hear you are considering it for the next game. Looking forward to it.


I haven't started this game, to be honest, I was looking for Twine/D&D-esque games, and I've been on kind of a roll finding them here on here's to another download and may all your days in development be filled with creative inclination. Toodles~!

Thanks! We're tabletop fans so hopefully that means you'll enjoy the game :D - Hallows

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is there Male|Male content? 

There is not.


You know, I really like the ending with everyone together. I really like the style, and the characters are really interesting. Thanks for the good story.


The game is an absolute awesome game to play. Love the art style, and the story pacing!
I want so much more continuation to this! More story! (Yes the sexual smut part is good too)


Awesome stuff, guys!  Love the artwork!

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