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The art of this game is rather unique, I like the dialog and the characters are very sexy. I did a short gameplay vid here:


I'm curious to see where the story goes. Keep it up.

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Glasha approves! 


The art is outstanding. I wish there were some gay options though :D  Like, that nauthy Carmen could convince MC to do something with Marcus.

Thanks! We decided against gay options in Sanguine Rose but in our next project it's something we'd like to include :D - Hallows


just to clarify. You didn't "decided against gay options" there's plenty of female x female. So you "decided" against male x male. Lesbian is gay too. 

And as for myself, I "decided" to go against this game since the developers have no idea what GAY means. thanks.

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Hi, Duski here, the artist and co-developer. In the adult industry and in the context of art926's comment, gay refers to m/m content. I know what gay is, I'm a pan woman, that's a big part of why there's f/f content in Sanguine Rose and why we'd like to do m/m content in our next game. We had our reasons for not including m/m content in our first project, and we're happy to discuss them.


Heh... one of the reasons why you should never pander. If you find lesbians sexy, and arent passionate about M/M dont bend the knee for people who will become offended and drop you like a hat for something petty.


Not to exasperate this topic but I'm genuinely curious as to why it wasn't included. Especially in a specific scene with Marcus its mentioned that Roman has a big dick and he is teased that his dick got harder when he heard that, so I'm genuinely curious as to whether it was a dropped idea or whatever other reason.


We went back and forth on it for a while and it mostly came down to the experiences we had to draw from and a lack of confidence starting out. While we'd both dabbled in erotic fiction, we'd never attempted anything on this scale before, and so we wanted generally to keep the perspectives grounded to our own experiences, and that created a slight problem for M/M pairings because it was really the only perspective we lacked. I guess the short version would be that as a heterosexual man and a pansexual woman, we felt that any M/M content we wrote would probably be the easiest to critique, and given the inherent insecurities of working on a project like this we decided to spare ourselves the risk of fucking it up. 

Stuff like Markus being pansexual is mostly a holdover from when we were still considering M/M content, and we liked it for his character even if we never gave the player the option of reciprocating. In hindsight, we should've just gone for it, and moving forwards we have the confidence to write things outside of our experiences and accept that we can draw on others if we're ever in doubt, or even look into hiring writers for specific scenes that fall outside our area of expertise. There's really no need for us to limit ourselves at this point. - Hallows


You are seriously idiotic to decide against a game because they didn't use a word to your liking. 

"Developer does not know what gay means."

To a developer making a smut / erotic game? Mate, that's a hole in your logic there...

your loss i guess, rip.


Wolves do no concern themselves with the opinions of gay retards

They say a suckers born every minute....I wonder if the same thing could be said for a fool. 

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