Sanguine Rose is Coming Soon to Steam!

We’re finally bringing Sanguine Rose to Steam, check out our Early Access page here:

The game will be available on the 17th of April for $14.99, with an initial launch discount of 10%! The version on steam will contain:

  • The full game, with all content previously only available to Officers
  • An in-game guide to help unlock all gallery content
  • An entirely new scene gallery, for replaying your favourite moments.
  • Touch ups of several pieces of art throughout the game, remastered UI, and an unencrypted art gallery in the game’s files so you can enjoy all of Sanguine’s Rose artwork at your leisure in 1080p!

Patreon supporters will be able to download a DRM-free copy of the newly updated version of the game. You’ll still be able to enjoy the game and all of the new perks- minus Steam exclusive features such as cloud saving, achievements, and eventually Steam trading cards. More info on this closer to the release date.

This is huge for us, and could help us reach a whole new level of sustainability to be able to keep making bigger and better games. This marks the true completion of the game, and now we’ll be able to reach a larger audience than ever.

If you want to help support us and Sanguine Rose, please consider the following things!

Visit Our Page: Go watch our new trailer and check out our spiffy Steam page!

Wishlist The Game: Get notified when the game is live and when it’s discounted!

Tell Your Friends: Let your friends know about our upcoming Steam release! Share that link!

Thank you all, we appreciate the support on here so much, it allows us to live and keep creating. We poured a tonne of effort into this game, and a chunk of our lives, so it’s nice to finally see it finished and up on Steam.

-Duski and Hallows

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Is there more content on the Steam release than what has been released here?

The Steam build has five epilogue scenes, a full scene gallery, and an artpack so you can enjoy the game's artwork outside of the game too! There's also some touch ups to existing artwork in the game. - Hallows