3.0.2 Public Release

Hey Itch.io, Hallows of Dusky Hallows here, proud to say we've just released Sanguine Rose 3.0.2 on here for free. Let's talk about what that means.

What is 3.0.2:

3.0.2 is the first public release of the 3rd day of Sanguine Rose. It contains all the endings for Sanguine Rose (except for one but it's pretty hard to get anyway) and ties up the main plot for most of the routes through the game. It's a little light on the porn, since there was a lot to wrap up, but some of the endings have a nice little teaser of what happens after the main events of the game. There's three ending galleries with a total of 9 variations in this build, so if you're a completionist and want to unlock every gallery item then there's lots to work with. Good luck finding it all!


  • Three endings with nine variations
  • 31 new gallery unlockables (for a total of 143)
  • About 20,000 more words (for a total of 83,000)
  • Fixed a typo
  • Changed how builds work on Android to fix a bug some people were getting

What's Next:

This isn't "the end" of Sanguine Rose. We're currently working on epilogue scenes which are a lot more nsfw, and go into detail on what happens to the team of mercenaries (those who survive at least) after the main story. We're also working on our next project, although the majority of our time is still spent on Sanguine Rose. So be sure to follow us here, or through Twitter, patreon, Newgrounds, etc so you can be the first to hear about that when we start releasing details, and get a heads up when the next update drops. We like hearing from you, so if you have any thoughts let us know below or on our Discord (we promise not to bite, unless you're into that kinda thing). Until next time! - Hallows


Sanguine Rose 3.0.2 for PC 177 MB
Apr 14, 2019
Sanguine Rose 3.0.2 for Mac 160 MB
Apr 14, 2019
Sanguine Rose 3.0.2 for Android 170 MB
Apr 14, 2019

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