2.2.2 Android Hotfix

Hey! Hallows here, I've uploaded a new version of the 2.2.2 Android Build that should fix a rare bug some of you may have experienced which prevented the game from starting. If you haven't experienced any problems, there's no need to download the new version, but if the game was crashing when opened, then this might fix the problem. The short version is that the apk wasn't updating its version number correctly, which was leading to issues whenever a device installed a different build. Those I've responded to so far have said this fix works so I'm pushing it here. If you experience any further issues, please reach out to us, we want as many people as possible to enjoy Sanguine Rose. Have fun!

Update 10th April: Third time's the charm! I've updated the apk here and on the main Sanguine Rose page again.


Sanguine Rose 2.2.2 for Android 164 MB
Apr 10, 2019

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I'm having a similar issue to the previous comment, after downloading then installing it, I tap to open and it also does an immediate "Sanguine Rose HD 2.2.2 keeps stopping"

With the only option being "close app"

I'm using a fully updated OS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if that helps.

Hi, I've updated the apk again. Seems to be working on the devices I tested with so fingers crossed it works for you now! 


Works like a charm, thank you!

Also... this is incredible!

Thanks! I'm glad it's working now :D Enjoy the game!


This version throws up an instant "stopped working"  for me as soon as I try to open it, then I have an undismissable notification saying

"Sanguine Rose HD 2.2.2

Looking for resources to download"

Is this the first version of the game you've downloaded? It sounds like it hasn't downloaded/installed correctly. Could you try removing it from your device and trying again? - Hallows


I had another version before that. I'm pretty sure it was the previous version. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the hotfix version multiple times and it didn't work unfortunately. (Re-reading the devlog now I realise I was a dummy who didn't need to download this hotfix in the first place because I never experienced the crash.)

Luckily, while writing this reply, I found the .apk file for the version I had previously. I reinstalled that and it works just fine.

Thanks for your time. I'd be happy to answer any troubleshooting questions you have.

Ah, sorry, I should have tried to make that clearer. If it's any consolation I've updated the apk again, and it should work now... Hopefully... If not we'll be releasing another version in a few days anyway and maybe increasing the version number will fix things! - Hallows